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Continuing the Fox Chapel Tradition of Quality Dining

A Patio Atmosphere Second-to-None Serving Fine Spirits


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Brick & Barrel is a casual full-service restaurant that will provide diners in the Fox Chapel area with a casual celebratory experience and will feature a menu based on locally sourced burgers and specialty pizzas and appetizers all cooked in a brick oven paired with a deep selection of bourbons and craft beers. Brick & Barrel is being developed by a local businessman with over 30 years of restaurant experience.

Inspired by our love of food and drink, Brick & Barrel is a perfect medley of savory meals, inviting atmosphere, and, of course, a myriad of bourbons and craft beers. Our goal is to provide an environment for others who share our love of eating and drinking to come and join us in our culinary journey. We believe in the social power of the dining experience. The best stories ever told were passed over a table of friends with good food and a tall drink. When you come to Brick & Barrel you are going to a destination built around friendship, fun, and celebration. We want to serve you and share the joy of eating. 


Our dining menu offers the finest beef and poultry sourced from local farms giving our menu items the highest quality and freshness. All menu items will be cooked in our brick oven that will give our food that incredible open flame and smoky flavor. Good food is the cornerstone of any dining experience, and we are excited to serve ours to you.


While we will carry scotches and other spirits, bourbons will be the star attraction. We will serve everything from Pappy Van Winkle to Jim Beam. We will offer a wide variety of specialty craft beers including several beers from local breweries. We believe all bourbon and beer is unique, and we want you to have the experience tasting each one, expanding your pallet.

Be Merry

Any establishment is only as good as its atmosphere. We provide the food, drink, and venue for you to plan any events in your life. Let us be your hosts. Our staff will guide you through our impressive selections and let you enjoy your friends, food, and drinks.